With the benefit of a gifted expertise inherited from their history, Jérôme and Lilian TESSENDIER, fourth-generation Cellar Masters

Continue to develop the company and bring in turn an exemplary know-how to the Art of blending, which they devotedly practice together.


An inimitable style


Their complementary vision and scientific approach of tasting allow them to perfect a collective work resulting into an inimitable style imparted to the House’s product.


From the great variety of eaux-de-vie produced, Jérôme and Lilian subtly blend with feelings and emotions, step by step, up to three hundred eaux-de-vie each year to create one outstanding Cognac, whose rarity is only exceeded by its distinctive originality.


A unique style, a unique mind, a unique signature, preserved by Jérôme and Lilian such as guardians of the history and longevity of this beautiful Maison TESSENDIER.

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